Voice Recognition in Your Phone

Samsung’s new P207 cell phone actually has voice recognition built in. It allows you to dictate text messages and email, rather than typing them in. This review makes it sound a little less than natural, though, with hard pauses and very deliberate speech required. Still, it beats the snot out of typing on a phone keypad, and makes it easier than to record thoughts on the run.

New Form of Handwriting?

One thing I haven’t ever posted on here at Recording Thoughts is handwriting. I don’t know how I missed it, as it is clearly an aspect of recording thoughts.

I spotted this post on Possibly Deep Thoughts that talks (via another blog, Journalisimo) about Handywrite, a new handwriting system. Take a look – it’s a pretty involved system, and I have no doubt it makes good sense. Although, many of the characters seem complex enough to defy fast & casual formation with a pen, but to be honest I haven’t tried them.

What interests me most is the idea of taking on the project of actually learning a new system. I think learning to write a different language would be easier than learning to write one’s first language in a new system.