Moleskine – Lined, Or Unlined?

by Steve on October 26, 2005

I love those Moleskine notebooks – I use one as a journal, and another as a carry-around-write-anything-in-it kind of book. We have another that keeps various measurements and notes on our house, and I use the larger size at work. My wife uses another 2 or 3 for various things.

The real challenge, though, is deciding whether to get lined, grid, or unlined. I keep changing my mind. I never seem to write perfectly in the lines, and often ignore them enough to make the book look very untidy, but can’t ignore them enough to make drawing natural.

I started with several grid books – having an engineering background it seemed obvious, as so much of my schooling was done on graph paper. The grid is in black ink, though, and with certain pencils and inks writing and sketches tend to blend in a bit too much. The line spacing is also much narrower than the simple ruled books, so you have to write a bit smaller.

The complete absence of lines makes the book look a little too pristine sometimes, and my lines of writing often develop a slant by the end of the page. Most of us were taught to write using lined paper, and there’s something comforting about having lines to get one started. For drawing, however, a blank page is best.

I prefer unlined but they’re so hard to find in stores. The world seems to prefer the lined, followed by the grid.

What do you think? Lines, grid, or no lines?

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