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Sometimes Bigger Is Better

Every once in a while, I flip from using fine point pens to broad point, to medium, or back again. Today I got some Pilot G2 Gel pens in size 10. I believe this is supposed to be a 1mm equivelant point size. All I can say is, it’s BROAD.

When I use a broad pen, I write larger. My writing is easier to see and read, and my ideas seem bigger and simpler. Right now I’m trying to figure out some tricky (for me) data base stuff, and writing strange hybrid flow charts on plain white paper is working. It’s working better with a broad point pen.

When I use a fine point pen, I write smaller. My ideas seem more precise. I tend to think more about details, and I write more neatly – I have to, or I can’t read the small writing!

Give it a try – why not change your point size and change your thinking?

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