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A Cheap And Easy Way to Improve The Fisher AG-7

I’ve long had a love-hate affair with my my Fisher Space Pen AG-7. It’s one of the most practical, usable, and durable metal ball point pens out there, which makes it a great pen to have around. You can read my Fisher AG-7 Space Pen review here.

For long writing sessions, though, the grooves at the grip of the pen get a little uncomfortable. It’s also a smidge thin.

Today I discovered a simple way to fix both problems. Heat shrink tubing. Either 3/8″ or 1/2″ tubing will work, with the former being tighter at the pointy end of the pen, but the latter ending up a little thicker and softer. You can get heat shrink tubing at the hardware store, in the electrical section – a few dollars at most.

The pen ends up with a nice smooth slightly grippy surface that is skin-friendly, and the pen ends up nearly a 1/16″ bigger in diameter, so it’s girth improves a bit. It also makes the pen more pocket friendly with other items, like my iPhone. So far I’m loving it.

And, if I ever discover I want to go back to the regular tubing free pen, a simple cut with a razor blade has it off in a few seconds with no residue.

A few tips:

  • You’ll need a heat source to do the shrinking. A heat gun is ideal, and handy for lots of other uses. A stove burner is nearly as good.
  • Expect to do it more than once. Getting the tubing positioned and shrunk evenly is an easy skill to master, but you may not get it on your first try.
  • Some places may have the tubing in colors other than black, so it may pay to look around.

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  • Russell Davison May 16, 2011, 12:28 am

    My wife taught me a neat trick to solve the same problem. She hates to throw anything away and her pens are also a smidge thin. I use a Pilot G-2 07 everyday and consequently, once a month, I have an empty pen for her to recycle. She removes the black rubbery finger grip with a pair of soft pliers. She then slides the black grip over one of her thin pens, so that she can write more comfortably.

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