Simplenote on IPhone

I was giving a look at Scrivener when I started thinking about how I would extend it to the iPhone, and found out it had the ability to sync to Simplenote. Simplenote is note-taking app on the iPhone, iPad, and web, much like Evernote.

I haven’t paid much attention to the many note-taking apps on the iPhone because a) It’s a pain to type on the iPhone, and b) By the time I get my phone out and the app started the the thought I was going to record is gone. In particular, Evernote takes a long time to load so I just got out of the habit of using it.

It’s hard to compete with a pen and handy sheet of paper for speed. On the other hand, if I’m recording a thought I plan to put in another document, it’s nice to have it in electronic format as soon as possible. So, despite the crappy keyboard I am willing to jot somethings on the phone.

I’ve used Simplenote for a few days now, and while I don’t use it for everything I’m finding it more accessible than Evernote. It’s fast to load and fairly easy to get something into it.

The sync feature in Scrivener isn’t very fast or easy, but there will be way more on Scrivener in another post.

[UPDATE 9/26/2017] Here’s a more recent article comparing some note taking apps, from Cloudwards:

Moleskine Replies to my QC Complaint

In my last post I wrote about discovering that my latest Moleskine squared notebook had really dark lines, and that I’d filed a complaint with them.

I got a reply from Moleskine. The darker lines are a design change, made at the request of customers who complained the old style was too difficult to see. I trust they are complaining no longer.

The reply stated they are considering lightening the lines again. It doesn’t matter anymore. Every time I use the new Leuchtturm1917 dotted pattern I wonder why it isn’t what everyone uses.

Anyone want a brand new Moleskine squared hardcover in large size? Maybe I’ll use it for freewriting.