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Musgrave’s Unigraph Pencils

This is a review of the assortment of Unigraph 1200 Drawing pencils made by Musgrave. Musgrave is one of the last surviving American pencil companies, and as such I’d like to support them.

I got these pencils as a gift – www.pencilthings.com had sent them to me by mistake, in place of the box of B grade pencils that I’d ordered. When I emailed Rose about the problem she graciously said to keep them and she would send the rest – the best response one could ask for.


Here’s my first impressions:

2B – Nice! A bit soft, perhaps, but otherwise it’s a fine writing pencil.

B – Hard. Very hard for a B. I would expect the 2H to be like this.

HB – Pretty much exactly the same as the B.

H – seems softer than both the B and HB,

2H – harder than the H, and about the same as the B and HB.

I’m convinced the B and HB are mislabeled 2H pencils.

The 2B is more like a 4B from some other brands, but it writes with a fairly creamy smoothness – much like their Test Scoring 100 pencil, but definitely softer. It seems similar to the Palomino Blackwing, but not as waxy.

I’m anxious to see if the B grade pencils I ordered as a box are any different than the B represented here.

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