Inkophile – Fountain pens worth the hassle?

by Steve

Inkophile wants to know if we agree with the commenter who doesn’t see any advantage to fountain pens.

I can see the commenter’s point of view. I like fountain pens, and a properly tuned pen on the right paper is a joy to use. Lots of cool inks to choose from, dynamic line width, and really nice pens to have and hold. The problem is that most of what I have to write on isn’t that right paper.

So I end up with ballpoint myself. A good ballpoint that is fresh and used regularly will write well. A brand-new BIC crystal stic in broad is really nice. However, ballpoints don’t really have much line quality. Ballpoint looks like ballpoint, and they don’t really come in wide line widths.

For line quality nothing beats a fountain pen.

I agree that rollerballs combine the worst of both worlds. For me they don’t add enough advantage over a ballpoint to make them very useful. The really fine gel pens are fun to play with, and are a little less hassle than a fountain pen.

For now, for me, it’s ballpoint. Now please stand by for my semi-annual “switching back to fountain pens” post 8-).

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