Have You Moved Into Your Notebook?

I learned something important with my current notebook a while ago, and it took me a surprisingly long time to do it.

So I’d switched to this blank notebook back last March – nearly a year ago. By all rational measure the book should be a good fit, except a lack of dot grid. Right size, lots of pages, good paper, sturdy, etc. But I had a really hard time getting into it. It just didn’t feel right. The paper seemed odd, and too white. I started to think about leaving the book – about abandoning it and going to another book.

The thing is, I hadn’t really moved into the book, and that’s why it felt wrong.

In the back of each notebook I keep a growing set of lists. At the moment they are: Things I want to buy, Things I want to do when I get thinner, and Business/web ideas.

These aren’t really important lists, except they keep me from wasting time and money. The things I want to buy list lets me satisfy impulsive urges to buy little things by writing them down. I’ve learned that many small purchases that seemed so urgent one day, seemed downright silly the next and were a source of buyer’s remorse. The list helps me not to buy things I really don’t want.

Things I want to do when I get thing provides a little motivation to diet, but I’m not really a bucket list kind of person. Business ideas just provides a good place to record these things where they’ll be easy to find later, and gives me a little satisfaction when I see a new website, and confirm that I’d thought of it long ago.

So in my current book I didn’t write these lists right away. I just didn’t, no reason.

One day I went to look for something I’d wanted to buy and realized I didn’t have the list. So I started a new one. Later I wanted to find a website I had an idea for, and again, no list. I copied it over.

The book felt at home. Not only did it feel like home, I suddenly looked at the meager stack of pages I had left and started to worry about filling it up too soon! The paper suddenly felt good, and I enjoyed using it. Amazing.

What I’d learned was that I had to move into a book before I would feel at home.

Feathering Isn’t Always Bad

Today I’m enjoying a (small) bit of feathering on the paper. A quick look at any pen forum thread about paper will reveal that most writers would rather eat worms than use paper that feathers. Ok, maybe not worms, but you get the idea.

Normally that would be me as well, but not today.

I’m into absorbent paper today. Perhaps it’s residual guilt about how much ink I’ve bought or own (not particularly a lot) and the ink consumption of the paper, or perhaps it’s because the Noodler’s black I’m writing with is sitting on top of the paper in my work notebook like oil – smudging even days later – because the pen I’m using is a bit wet.

Absorbent paper makes for a thick, fast drying line. Often this is an unpleasant experience but sometimes if the paper is not too bad and the ink & pen work together the pen flies and I’m satisfied in a way that normally takes a 4B pencil. Like spray painting. Bold, sloppy, and stylish. Fast but legible, barely. Like a never ending signature. Bring on the ink & ideas, and I’ll figure out how to read it later!

Ever felt that way?