Feathering Isn’t Always Bad

Today I’m enjoying a (small) bit of feathering on the paper. A quick look at any pen forum thread about paper will reveal that most writers would rather eat worms than use paper that feathers. Ok, maybe not worms, but you get the idea.

Normally that would be me as well, but not today.

I’m into absorbent paper today. Perhaps it’s residual guilt about how much ink I’ve bought or own (not particularly a lot) and the ink consumption of the paper, or perhaps it’s because the Noodler’s black I’m writing with is sitting on top of the paper in my work notebook like oil – smudging even days later – because the pen I’m using is a bit wet.

Absorbent paper makes for a thick, fast drying line. Often this is an unpleasant experience but sometimes if the paper is not too bad and the ink & pen work together the pen flies and I’m satisfied in a way that normally takes a 4B pencil. Like spray painting. Bold, sloppy, and stylish. Fast but legible, barely. Like a never ending signature. Bring on the ink & ideas, and I’ll figure out how to read it later!

Ever felt that way?

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