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Bagasse Paper By The Ream?

Why isn’t bagasse (made from sugar cane) paper not available as plain old copier paper? They do sell a bagasse paper by the ream, it’s just not the bagasse paper. I know because I finally ordered a ream to try it out.

The good stuff they sell as composition books. As legal pads, and as little note pads. Not as plain paper.

The good stuff is pretty similar to Tomoe River paper, it takes ink about as well, and it’s about the same weight. But it is a lot cheaper. At least, it could be, and probably still plenty profitable for the manufacturer.

I call it Bagasse paper, although it goes by the brand Sustainable Earth at Staples. I’ve used both the legal pads (nice, but horrible perforations) and the composition notebooks. A Bagasse comp book and a Mitsubishi Hi-Uni handwriting pencil have to be the fastest combination I’ve ever tried. Awesome for freewriting. The paper in general is very well behaved, thin, and has a nice crispness to it. The books are cheap enough to fill without a thought, and very pleasant to write on.

Still, it would be nice to have plain paper available.

So, how about it Staples? Can you do this for me?

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