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LBI14DWPAP Day 11: Write a Letter to Yourself in The Future

Just a few more days! On day 11 of Live Better In 14 Days With Pen And Paper we’re going to do something new – at least I’ve never seen it mentioned anywhere.

I want you to write a letter to your future self. I don’t want you to waste any time giving yourself news. Instead write about what you hope your future self will have done/been/taken care of/found etc. Write it out by hand, just like you would write, you know, a letter:

Dear ___________,_

I’m writing this because even though I’m X years old, I want my life to be as awesome as possible. For that to be true, for my life to be awesome, here’s what you’ll need to have done. I hope you haven’t let me down….

Why do this? A couple reasons:

First, I find that most of the grief in my life is caused by a mismatch between reality and expectations. So any opportunity to bring that mismatch to the surface, where I can deal with it, is a good thing.

Second, it’s going back to that pesky knowing what you want thing. When you wrote the letter, did it match what you freewrote about a few days ago? Did this exercise reveal anything new?

For an extra kick, spring for a stamp and mail it to yourself, and open it in a year or so.

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